Innovation, Dedication & Expertise

We are a business built on the expertise, dedication and
innovation of our people

Company History

Rawand Co.head office was established early in 1993 in Riyadh as a company specialized in office supplies and equipment. The founder’s ethos is based on one major principle: "Quality of service, products and maintenance.” Rawand Co. started with only seven employees, grew to 55 within six months. We now serve more than 5000 customers throughout Saudi Arabia.

Message from the Management

The only real constant in life is change. We know that in today's world, where the business landscape morphs into something different every day, it's absolutely essential to be responsive to change and the challenges that arise. At Rawand Co. we not only recognize the changes occurring in the market, we welcome them. Because change doesn't just present challenges, it offers boundless opportunities. Our culture of continuous improvement and dynamic creativity has driven our business to be one of the top service providers in Saudi Arabia, serving more than 5000 different customer and organizations. We are a business built on the expertise, dedication and innovation of our people.

Everything from a single supplier

Companies are never static in their evolution, so RAWAND provide complete solutions for documents caring through a wide variety of products

More About Rawand

Rawand Co. was created more than 26 years ago. As businesses began to expand throughout Saudi Arabia, we realized a distinct lack of high-quality suppliers who could provide top-notch official equipment at the lowest rates. Many businesses need official equipment such as printers, toners, surveillance equipment, and other machines for their day to day operations. Rawand was formed in 1995 as a one-stop solution for providing all kinds of official equipment at the most affordable rates to our customers. We originally started by supplying official equipment throughout Riyadh. As demand began to increase, our operations spread to Jeddah, and today, we supply official equipment throughout the Arabian Gulf region. We provide our services and equipment to private and public sectors, and we have made sure that our clients get the very best services through us. By continuously focusing upon ourselves to improve the quality of products that we offer, we have ultimately managed to grow our business and currently have an extensive list of satisfied clients. Over the years, we have worked hard to grow this company and to gain the trust of our customers. Today, Rawand Co. stands as one of the leading companies that offer all kinds of official equipment at the most affordable rates. We guarantee that you will be satisfied with the service that we provide. We will guide you about the pros and cons of each product and help you select one that best fits your needs. We are 26 years company that offers end-to-end solutions for the digital imaging services to deliver more value to our clients . Rawand co. shares its thoughts and contributs its ideas with those who lead the document imaging industry : Canon , hp, toshiba , sharp , lexmark , Ricoh , Epson… Rawand is, relentlessly, to be the first to find out about newly launched products, find out which products are highly rated by lab testings and awards , access hundreds of products brochurs and press releases, and keep unto date on what is going on in the imaging and printing industry